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GeoTags makes it easy to tag your favorite locations on the iPhone an relocate them.

Just press the Add button to keep your current location and find it again on a map. Add as many pictures as you want to this location.

GeoTags is the App for your secret favorite spots, no data will be transfered to the internet.


✔ No data transmission in the background
✔ Easy to use
✔ Landscape and portraitmode


✔ The easyest way to type coordinates on the planet
✔ Switch between different formats and convert them on the fly
✔ Show your input on a map
✔ Save this place to your favorite list

Favorite places...

✔ Organize your favorite places in a list
✔ Add a new item with just one touch
✔ Give every place a title and a short description
✔ Edit the coordinates
✔ Take a photo with the built-in camera and add it to that spot
✔ Add images from your photo library
✔ Show the place on a map
✔ Zoom to your current position and your mark on the map with just one touch
✔ Export or share a complete place with all the images
✔ Export one specific image (long press image)


✔ All your geoinfos in one view: coordinates, altitude, speed, course
✔ Your geocoordinates: Just touch to get your favorite output format
✔ Your altitude: Tap to toggle between feet and meters
✔ Your Speed: Tap to toggle between km/h and mph
✔ Your course: A minicompass shows your direction
✔ Export or share your current location


✔ Press one finger on the map to change the style
✔ Press two fingers on the map to start distance measuring

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